9 o’clocks

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Mash up frikandelicious

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I can see this one rocking in kansas


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It’s been a while. I’m back in NL for about a month to spend time with my girlfriend and friends. Also i’ve been hired by magazine as freelancer for some interieur shots. $$$

It was 12 hours drive and thank god for that GPS internet or whatever it’s called, it kills time perfectly 🙂 (Some hacking devices few cables and you’re online every-fucking-where)  Still no sign of inspiration so i’m taking picas of everything that moves or has funny color or whatever the hell it is I GOT IT or i’ll have it soon 😀

Check the Groooove

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Another single from not yet released “Black light”

Have you seen anything better than that?

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Goodbye matrix

Sunday tunes

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cannot be embeld but it’s really cool.  It’s White Lies videos in one montage with lyrics read as poetry and some pieces of original tracks.

———>         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11EJMFdSdGI

Finally goddammit

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I’ve never been more happy about the weekend couse i was working like a dog last two weeks.